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NYC native singer/keyboardist Anton Sword writes dark beautiful songs for cynical yet inwardly tenderhearted bookworms. Drawing on glam, 80s synthpop, soul, disco, krautrock, psychedelia, new wave, goth and electronic music from all decades, Sword combines his influences to create  “Interesting, musically subtle, tasteful, original, witty music…infectiously rhythmic and impossibly memorable.” (

Anton Sword is based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and produces and releases his music on his own label, Kiss Chase. CDs to date include: ‘A Sentimental Education’ (2007), ‘City of Oblivion’ (2010), and the EP ‘Here in the Hurricane’ (2012). 2013 saw the release of several singles. A new album-length should be ready in fall 2014.

Sword plays in NYC monthly, and tours Europe regularly, either solo or accompanied by the We Ours, currently Michael Lawson on guitar and Gina Marie Rodriguez (Detroit Cobras, Sans Culottes, Madam Robot) on bass. The We Ours has also included many amazing musicians over the years, including drummer Kristin Mueller (Lucinda Black Bear, C. Gibbs, Christy & Emily); bassist Chris Wilson (Love Spit Love, Mabuses, Lloyd Cole, Indians), guitarist Julian Maile (Losers Lounge), guitarist Kristofer Widholm (Morex Optimo) and others.

Sometimes Anton takes himself a little too seriously, but his melodies are beautiful, his lyrics usually interesting, and his beats cool, so forgive him. Girls are usually more enamored of his tunes than boys, but the boys are usually won over in the end.

Interesting, musically subtle, tasteful, original, witty music…infectiously rhythmic and impossibly memorable.

Dark and scintillating and full of texture…Anton Sword is a storyteller with an artist’s ear for music, constructing these vast musical landscapes against which his bard’s tales are told…The musicianship is outstanding.

Should you have forgotten what a beautiful ballad is or what a finely crafted good pop song sounds like, Anton Sword has “A Sentimental Education”ready for you: 11 wonderfully produced songs of melancholy, love and the fleetingness of human existence…dark but tender.