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November 19, 2012

‘Here in the Hurricane’ – Download to Donate for Hurricane Sandy Relief

With Thanksgiving coming and many people in the NYC/Tristate area still lacking safe houses, electricity, heat, hot water, clean water, and access to food & services, and with many pets abandoned or lost, the uplifting vibe of my song ‘Here in the Hurricane’ (recorded a year ago) combined with my desire to help; the song was originally written a year ago and meant metaphorically, but then reality caught up, and suddenly it all made a different kind of sense.

I’m therefore donating all revenue from any downloads of the ‘Here in the Hurricane’ single or EP for the rest of 2012 to NYC area Hurricane relief, split between
Food Bank NYC (,
The American Red Cross, (,
The Humane Society ( and probably some other grass-roots groups and/or Occupy Sandy, once I get it set up.

Purchase the tracks at or
and at the end of each week (starting the Sunday night after Thanksgiving) I’ll tally it, announce the tally here, and donate the week’s revenue to these groups. Total disclosure: 15% of the money is kept by bandcamp for distribution; the other 85% will go entirely to hurricane relief via the charities in question.

I will begin by donating $300 myself, 100 for each of these charities. You can pay the $1 per track or anything you wish. People wanting tax receipts can contact me on Facebook and I’ll do my best to provide them. Please share as desired. .. this is my first attempt to organize anything like this, so any constructive suggestions would be welcome. This charity drive will last from now until Dec 31, 2012. I guess I’ll deal with any questions and answers and issues as they arise. And if anyone has any suggestions of other charities who might be interested in participating or promoting this, let me know.

I know lots of you have already downloaded the EP or the song, but you could always share the event on facebook! Or link to this site or bandcamp. Much appreciated. The link to the Facebook event for this is

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