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November 26, 2014

Blythe Sword debuts – flyer

‘Twill be a sublime disturbance in the spacetime continuum. Saturday December 13, cameo gallery in williamsburg, brooklyn.  Blythe Gruda’s voice, Anton Sword’s songs, joined by drummer extraordinaire Mark McLean and other special guests. Also: more great singing etc from The Anderson Family Singers featuring David Driver, and the evening begins with deep house from DJ Marmon. $10/12. Cameo Gallery, 93 N 6th St, Brooklyn


August 21, 2014

New (Old) Tracks: ‘How It Never Was’ / ‘Out of the Hive’

Here are two newly rough-mixed recordings of hitherto unpublished songs. Both songs were written years ago, but haven’t found the inside of your ears until now…

How It Never Was –

(drums: the fabulous Kristin Mueller; acoustic bass: the excellent Jay Foote. Recorded partly by Kristin and Damon Whittemore at Tritone/Godelstring and partly by me at home)


Out of the Hive –

(everything played & recorded by me at home)

February 12, 2014

Two Songs Beginning With L

Thursday Feb. 13 a double single, Two songs beginning with L, will be available on Bandcamp (here). Song one is a revised version of ‘Listening’ (a 2010 song from City of Oblivion) in a more electronic style; Song two is ‘Learning’, which was originally inspired by Joy Division’s ‘Disorder’ and PiL’s ‘Public Image’ (now that you know that, it will be obvious, I think), but somehow came out more cheerful than expected. Both tracks feature guitar by Michael Lawson and bass by Gina Marie Rodriguez. Ethan Donaldson co-mixed track 2.  You can also stream them on Soundcloud here and here.

2songs beg L